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Just a quick video to talk to you about a topic that comes up in the shop regularly and that's the topic of time. People's time to go fishing, people's time to prepare to go fishing. A lot of people come in and they'll say, "Look, I'd love to go fishing more but don't have a lot of time. I have a busy work life, a busy family life, and lots of commitments. Then when I do get time to go down to the bank, I'm not prepared and I don't really have a lot of time to prepare." And so a lot of them are saying to us, "You know, if I was more prepared, if I had the gear ready, then I could just throw it in the van and head off at a moment's notice and I'd get a lot more fishing done." So we just wanted to do this video just to let you know about a couple services that we provide that could actually help you be a bit more prepared, be ready to take advantage of those opportunities to go fishing.

First thing we do is we offer a next-day, Monday to Thursday, bait delivery service throughout Ireland and Northern Ireland. And we deliver maggots, casters, pinkies, squat, dendrobaena, and lob worms. All, as I said, next-day, Monday to Thurday. All our bait is super fresh we buy all our bait from the bait farm in Ballyconnell, Irish Bait and Tackle. We actually go ourselves, at the height of the season we go twice a week just to ensure that the bait is of the best quality possible, all our casters turned in-house. We spend a lot of time on our caster and we believe it's very, very good. So really high quality, top-class bait, and as I said, it can be delivered next day to you, Monday to Thursday. So if you ever did have the opportunity to go fishing on a Saturday or a Sunday, order your bait by lunchtime on a Thursday and it could be delivered out to you on Friday. Obviously, if you need large quantities of bait, it'd be better to give us a couple days' notice just to make sure it's there, particularly caster if we're gonna turn it fresh for you. And on the squat and lob worms as well we'd want 48 hours' notice because we don't always carry them because they're quite perishable, so we get them in fresh within 24 hours and we need another 24 hours to get them to you. So, again, if you want lob worms or squat for the weekend, just let us know by Wednesday morning at the latest and we can get them in for you.

So that's one service that we provide that saves you a lot of time. People are saying to us regularly that they physically don't have time to go to a tackle shop to collect their bait so let us take care of that for you, order it up and get it delivered next day.

Okay, so the other kind of services we provide then is we provide a hook-tying and rig-making service. We hear regularly that people don't have time to tie hooks, they don't have time to prepare or tie rigs, you know. So when they do get the opportunity, they don't have any hooks tied, they don't have any rigs made, and they just decide not to go. So we'd like to help you get over there.

We offer kinda two levels of service on it. The first one is you can order your hooks, your line, your hook boxes online from us and we'll tie them up for you. Or if you have your own hooks, your own line, if you have a particular type of line or particular type of hook that you use regularly, you have hook boxes, we can actually get our courier to pick up your tackle and then just literally tie the hooks for you. Same with your pole rigs. You can order pole floats, line, winders and everything on the website here or we can pick up your favorite floats, your favorite line, your winders and literally just make your rigs for you to your own specification.

So that's two things there now that can save you alot alot of, time and we'll get them done for you and get them out. Obviously, again, if there's large quantities involved, we'd need a bit of time. But, generally speaking, if you want a couple of hooks tied or you want a few rigs made, a couple of days, they're out to you.

The other thing, then, that we do offer is we do feeder, leaders, feeder links, all that kinda stuff. So, again, if you want to save some time making leaders or making links, we can do that for you. Everything is made to your own specification, so you literally just drop us an email, drop us a message on the Facebook page or on Messenger, tell us what you want. We can get in touch with you or you can just ring the shop, let us know exactly what you want and we'll get it done and get it out to you.

So I think there's a few ideas that could save you a lot of time, get you a bit more prepared, and hopefully get you on the bank more, which is what we want as anglers. So thanks for listening and don't forget, log onto the website, for more information and to look at our products and tackle that we sell as well. Thank you.